Okay, Don't Quit

Chapter 7

If You Have
Already Quit

Immediate Help

If you've already quit and would like help persevering, several parts of the program can help you immediately. Whenever you feel the pull of the old urge, give your hands and mouth something to do. Simple physical activities can ease the sensory pull of your old habit. Use straws, toothpicks, gum, mouthwash, and anything else you can come up with to replace your old smoking motions and sensations.

Read the sections on substitution. Work in those fun projects you've always put off. Take the trip to the mountains, or the river. Even if you do start up, the unusual setting will help your habit disruption efforts.

In addition, make an effort to introduce distraction into your normal smoking periods. Organizing, cleaning, reading — whatever can catch your attention during that cigarette period.

Next, review the section on nicotine pills. You might want to consider them for limited, short-term use.

Study the entire program thoroughly. Try to adapt the methods for distracting and dodging your smoking impulses.

Starting Up Again

If the worst does happen, and you start up again, don't give yourself a difficult time. No guilt. No recriminations. Just start the program, full steam ahead. The motivation that pushed you to stop in the first place should help you move through the steps at an accelerated pace. Turn your seriousness about stopping into a wholehearted effort to disrupt and isolate your habit.

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