Watercolor Class


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I'm looking for more advanced watercolor techniques. Things like color layering for grays.

Answer: In this first attempt at online instruction I tried to focus on the larger artistic issues, point out common pitfalls, and get everyone (from beginner to more advanced) moving forward. As a result, many advanced topics are not covered in detail.

I did find, however, that currently available reference material was very good at addressing specific topics. These books are cited throughout the text as additional resources.


Question: I don't see any negative book reviews in your reference lists. Not everything written is good. In my mind, this reduces your credibility.

Answer: The intent is not to review all possible sources. I list resources that I found useful. Other sources are not listed.

Also, as an active artist, I've been on the brunt end of art critics' reviews. Even when I knew the critics missed the point, or had a different perspective, their comments were disturbing. I don't want to start that dynamic with art writers.


Question: I've been painting for ten years in oil and acrylics. I'm looking to get into watercolors. This instruction seems lightweight to me.

Answer: As mentioned in another question, my initial goal was to provide a broad instructional framework. Granted, by itself, this might not be the perfect text for you.

On the other hand, the core issues of focus, color, and eye movement are essential to quality art pieces. I personally need a reminder to pay attention to these principles. (Especially when something isn't working.)

Also, the references listed are excellent — I was surprised how clearly they presented a variety of complex techniques. In many instances, like Schink's and Nicolaides' work, the books are ground breaking presentations.


Question: Where can I find the out-of-print art books?

Answer: Most of the books can be ordered through Amazon.com by clicking on the book's link listed under Additional Reading. When it's out-of-print, Amazon often cites another vendor who has used copies.

If that's not the case, Barnes and Noble has a extensive listing of out-of-print book suppliers. I found multiple copies of the referenced out-of-print books through this listing. (Just search normally, and when the book isn't found, follow the link for used-book sources.)


Question: Did Jim help with the writing?

Answer: Now you've let the cat out of the bag. Yes, my husband, Jim Davis, handled most of the writing and editing tasks.

Jim did an extraordinary job of taking my "artistic speak" and translating it into understandable prose. A super job. Thanks Jim!

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