About the Author

James A. Davis

James Davis developed software for over twenty years. These efforts included educational systems, point-of-sale interfaces, and artificial intelligence based games.

As the V.P. of Software Development at Blackboard, Mr. Davis guided development of Internet-based educational systems. The software provided an infrastructure for distributing course material, sharing ideas, and managing student assessments.

In the Point-of-Sale arena, Mr. Davis developed software applications for the Hospitality Industry, focusing on high demand, 24 hour environments like cruise ships and casinos. During this period, he worked his way up through the ranks from junior programmer to V.P. of Software Development at InfoGenesis.

Mr. Davis has also held positions as Director of Software Engineering at Micros Systems and Hunter Associates Laboratory. His early troubleshooting insights came from training in the U.S. Navy as a technician on submarine weapons systems.

Mr. Davis has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. His Master of Science Degree in Organizational Behavior is from the Polytechnic Institute of New York.

James Davis is the author of: An Unfair Advantage (Sport Psychology). His
e-books include: Out of Overload -- A Guide for Technical Managers (available at ), and Simulator Cover-Up -- How Simulators Hide Key Learning Elements (Scheduled for release in 2008).

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