Juried Art Show


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are you doing to attract viewers?

Answer: We are starting with proven contact methods, such as, listing the show with search engines and art directories. If things go well, we're hoping that repeat visits and word of mouth will increase the user base.

Obviously, if you can offer a link to our site, that would help the cause.


Question: My painting was selected for this month. What should I be doing?

Answer: This is an important question. It raises questions about your larger promotional plan.

Being selected for the show provides you with an announcement for your current customers. You can drop them an email note mentioning your selection and that they should check out the painting. This refreshes their memory of you, improves your reputation, and keeps them connected to an on-going appreciation of art.


Third party validation is always nice.

If time permits, we'll contact your art organizations with an announcement of your acceptance. It will be written in a way that can easily be included in their newletter. Be sure to provide us with your organizations' contact information.

The Juried Show's on-line nature is a perfect fit for maintaining customer contact. With traditional, ground-based, show announcements, your customers must fit openings into their schedule, overcome the urge to stay home and watch an old movie, and deal with the weather person's gloomy forecast.

With the on-line show, they're a couple of clicks away. Who would not want to check out your latest piece? You should get full attendance.

The Internet eliminates so many problems with traditional promotional efforts that you should consider a personal Web site for your artwork. You can then contact your customers with a, "Check out my latest," message each month. A personal site doesn't have the same third party validation that a juried show has, but it does increase your exposure.


Question: How much does it cost?

Answer: There is no charge for submissions or displaying pieces at the AWSS Juried Show.

At this point, the Juried Show is more of an experiment than a profit-making venture. We feel that the Internet's user base offers tremendous potential for the artistic community, especially with today's high rents and diminishing art galleries, but we've not sure exactly how it will unfold. The Juried Show is an attempt to explore that opportunity.


Question: Who are the jurors?

Answer: It varies. The individuals most involved with the site make recommendations. The images are turned over to the AWSS technical person, and final decisions are then made based on how well the image translates into the site's standard format.

If, for example, the image was very small, and it lost a lot of detail being expanded, it wouldn't be used. If a photo didn't scan well, it might not be included.

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