Retirement — Gangster Style

The Printed Edition

Additional Chapters:

1. Advanced Play
2. Club Poker

3. Rapid Learning
4. Game Stress

5. Questions
6. Gangster Toolkit

The Web version presents options that should stir your gangster blood and add a touch of mischief to your retirement.

So why create a printed version?

To begin with, Web material has limitations. You can't read it in the barbershop, take it to the beach, or lend it to Harry next door. In addition, books make excellent gifts, especially one that fits the sometimes awkward retirement event.

Ordering Information

To that end, you can purchase a book by dropping me a note at Jim Davis or order now from The print version is due out this Summer (2005).


Bill said, "Admit it, you're just looking to make some money."

Well...if I was only concerned with the money, I wouldn't put the information on the Web for free. A lot of authors are pulling out their hair over that tactic.

I believe that people can add vitality and pleasure to their retirement by pursuing the Gangster Style activities suggested here. I don't feel right sitting on that information, so the Web version is free.

With that said, I have been saving up for a shuffleboard table.


Sandy said, "This book is perfect for my boss. He is amazingly good at complex projects and tough decisions. He's retiring soon, and it would be a complete waste for him to sit at home or go golfing once a week.

Also, what kind of non-boring gift can I find for him? I'll give him this book and take up a collection for a fancy pool cue."

To make the printed version more appealing, I've added sections on the advanced performance techniques that come into play as your game improves.

Additional chapters in the printed book:

1. Advanced Play

Muscle learning is fundamental for physical sports. In billiards, for example, it takes time for your arm to develop a smooth stroke.

While learning the basic moves, it's common to say, "Once I get the movement down, I'll be set." Unfortunately, the mental side of play then begins to play a larger role.

The chapter on mental adjustments addresses handling distractions, breaking out of slumps, and finding your "Zone" during high-pressure games. Based on the writings of Bandler and Grinder, suggestions are broken into visual, auditory, and kinesthetic personal patterns.

2. Club Poker

Poker clubs and Casino poker rooms are vastly different from home games.

A specific training plan sets the stage for regular improvement at the club and enough unexpected moves to drive the regulars crazy.

3. Rapid Learning

My greatest poker insight was that I didn't know what I didn't know. Once you see the holes in your knowledge, you usually have a mass of material to absorb.

The right study technique can cut your learning time by 30%. Sometimes it can reduce three months of study to three hours. It's such a leap that percentages don't really describe the impact.

4. Game Stress

Our minds are very diligent — they try to save us effort by cutting us out of the thinking process whenever possible. You don't, for example, consider about every twist and tug when tying your shoe. It's almost automatic.

But our minds are human, and they sometimes mix things up. Thoughts can connect incorrectly.

You don't receive a warning when these mistakes strike. One day you can wake up with a mental pattern that throws you off center. After that, whenever you line up the cue ball you feel off balance. These mental mix-ups don't happen often, but when they do, your game is in trouble.

This chapter deals with the invisible, internal messages that throw off your system and your game.

5. Questions

If nothing else, the gangster crowd is not shy. Their questions cut to the heart of an issue.

For example:


My daughter doesn't like the idea of me going to a Casino. She thinks I'll go nuts and blow my entire savings. How should I handle this?


I don't care for the "go nuts" implication. After all, you are an adult, and you certainly have earned the right to choose your own entertainment.

Though, in all fairness, your daughter has a valid concern.

The Casinos are capable of taking a lot of your money. It's not, however, that different than the spending opportunities in your local area. There's nothing to stop you from getting the urge and buying a new Cadillac, or booking a vacation to Paris. Temptations are a part of your life.

If you exercise the same financial common sense that you use on a trip to the mall, you will be fine.

As an extra safeguard, set a budget for your Casino trip and only take those funds.

6. Gangster Toolkit

I've received mixed reviews on this section. Some didn't appreciate suggestions that seem obvious. Heated words have passed on my "proper shoes" ideas.

Nothing here is that amazing — most you already know. However, if a suggestion might save you some study time, or a day of sore feet, I've included it.


Order the paper version of Retirement: Gangster Style now. (Release date: Summer 2005.)

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