Artist Reference Material


"White Horse Run" by Patricia Bason

Anantomy of the Horse by George Stubbs. Bracken Books, 1996.
* The classic horse drawing reference. Reprinted 1776 edition. Yes, 1776!

Speed to Spare: Beyer Speed Figures Uncovered by Joe Cardello. Daily Racing Form, 2003.
* The race track serves up horses and lots of color. This book points out who is the fastest.

Guy Coheleach's Animal Art by Terry Wieland. DDR Publishing, 1994.
* Super cats.

Horses by Rien Poortvliet. Stewart, Tabori, and Chang, 1978.
* Once you recover from the shock of how good an wildlife artist can be, this book will have you grabbing your brushes and heading for horse country.

Robert Bateman: Natural Worlds by Robert Bateman (Illustrator), Rick Archbold. Simon & Schuster. 1996.
* Calling Bateman an illustrator is like calling Rembrant a church painter. I have to resist framing up all the book's plates.

Drawing and Painting Animals: How to Capture the Essence of Wildlife Art by Edward Aldrich, Bonnie Iris. Watson-Guptill Publications. 1998.
* Very good with gestures and an animal's sense of power.

Wildlife Painting: Techniques of Mordern Masters by Susan Rayfield. Watson-Guptill Publications, 1990.
* Exceptional paintings from twelve masters. I love Bateman's shore birds and Carlson's moody ducks.

The Best of Wildlife Art by Rachel Rubin Wolf (Editor). North Light Books. 1996.
* An inspirational collection.

Drawing and Painting Animals by Bill Tilton. North Light Books, 1994.
* Excellent presentation of the fundamentals.

Leroy Neiman on Safari by Leroy Neiman. Abrams, 1997.
* Mr. Neiman's dramatic color and design show why he has made the "big time."

How To Draw Animals by Jack Hamm. Berkley Publishing, 1969.
* A guide to capturing the right proportions and gestures. Mr. Hamm will help you avoid those days when one leg turns out much longer than the others.