The Juried Show


We are excited about using the Internet to increase exposure for artists.

An on-line show introduces a new level of convience. There's no more frames scratched in the back room; no more fighting for a parking place to drop your work off; and no opennings that fall on the biggest snow storm of the year.

As the word spreads, art lovers from around the world will drop in to browse. Gallery owners will be able to scout for new talent, and decorators will offer slants on the latest trends. The on-line gallery offers exposure to customers that you otherwise would not meet.

To artists everywhere, welcome!

Submitting Work

Shows are expected to last for a month. This should be enough time for you to stir up your customer base and short enough to keep the show fresh with new pieces.

To submit a painting for inclusion in the show, mail a picture of the piece to: Jim Davis, 2108 Green Watch Way, #301, Reston, VA 20191. If the piece is selected, we will have it scanned into a digital format.

If you have your work on the Internet, drop us an e-mail at with your URL and description of the painting being submitted. We'll download it. When the piece is placed in the gallery we will provide a link back to your home page for those wishing to explore your other works.

Since our space is limited, not all submissions can be displayed. Unless otherwise requested, your submission will remain on file for possible inclusion at a later date. Photo submissions will not be returned.

Marketing Help

Third party validation is always nice.

If time permits, we'll contact your art organizations with an announcement of your acceptance. It will be written for inclusion in their newletter. Be sure to provide us with your organizations' contact information.

Your Assistance

Any help you can contribute to promoting The Juried Show will be appreciated. It may be you can include a link on your site; a write-up in your art newsletter would be great.

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